Belkin Bluetooth Access Point Reviewed

Security Features

Bluetooth has security features that let you encrypt your connection, control whether you can be "discovered", i.e. detected by other Bluetooth devices, and specify the devices that can connect to you and whether or not they need a password to do it.

The AP supports up to eight users with individual passwords, and also implements the Bluetooth "passkey" mechanism that can be required each time a connection is made to the AP. It will also support the connection of clients using Bluetooth's 128 bit encryption.

Once established, User information can be edited, but you can't temporarily disable individual users' access. Instead you have to set the User Mode to "Off" and reboot the AP, which will disable the mode for all users and open up the AP to unprotected access.

You can also password-protect the AP's admin pages, which are open to anyone by default.

That's it for the feature set. Time to check out how the AP did in my Performance testing.