Using the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack


Your PC will then start looking for Bluetooth devices that are discoverable and within range. This may take up to a minute. You will then be given a list of the devices that have been found. If your phone or PDA does not appear on the list then it is probably because it has been set up as hidden or non-discoverable. Dig out the manual (that thing you didn’t get around to reading) and find out how to make it visible. Then try again by pressing Search Again.

Once your device has appeared on the list, highlight it and press Next.

To ensure a secure connection between the devices, you will need to enter a passkey on both the other Bluetooth device and your PC. This is used to generate a secure code that will be used to authenticate the device and your PC every time they connect to each other. For phones and PDAs you can make this passkey up yourself. You don’t need to remember it – it is only ever needed the first time you pair the devices.

To make things easier (and more secure) Windows can generate a random number for you to use as the passcode. Choose that option (Choose a passkey for me) and press Next.

Windows will display the number for you to enter in your Bluetooth device:

Enter this into your phone or PDA and then press OK. If the pairing is successful you will see the final screen on your PC, confirming that the devices have been paired.