Using the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack

Sending Data from your phone.

The Microsoft stack protects your PC by making it invisible to other devices. However it still allows you to send information and files from a Phone or PDA, but you need to initiate the transfer from your PC.

To do this, click on the Bluetooth icon in the system tray and select Receive File.

Windows XP now makes your PC discoverable for a limited time, and also enables the file receive software. Once this is complete it shows the ready to receive screen.

Now select the picture or file you want to send from your phone, and select the option to send it via Bluetooth. You should see a list of devices on your phone. If your PC is not there, press Search again or More devices on your phone until it appears, at which point press Send.

Note: Windows XP only allows access for a limited time. If your phone cannot find your PC it may be because you’ve taken too long. Check that the PC is still displaying the “Waiting for a connection” screen.