Hawking Technology Hi-Gain Wireless USB adapter reviewed


Hawking Hi-Gain Wireless USB Network Adapter

Hawking Hi-Gain Wireless USB Network Adapter
Summary802.11b USB adapter married to 6 dBi directional antenna in a small package.
Update10/31/2003 - Updated ODM info. Added info on 11g version
Pros• Compact size
• Can help get connected in low-signal locations
Cons• Only connects at 2Mbps with some 11g products
• Does not support WPA

USB wireless adapters are nifty little items for getting desktops connected to wireless LANs. Some folks like them for laptop use too, since their better antennas and cabled connection provide more options for getting a good connection.

Although most of the innovation in USB adapters lately has been to shrink them to flash-drive size, Hawking has taken the opposite tack. The result won't exactly fit into your pocket, but it does make a handy solution for difficult-to-reach WLAN locations.