Draytek Vigor 2900g Broadband Security Router Reviewed

Routing Performance

NOTE!Testing Notes:
All tests were run with LAN endpoint in DMZ

Though slower than many of the router's I've recently tested, I doubt the 2900G's 16Mbps routing speed would give many buyers pause.

I was pleased that I didn't have any problem running Qcheck's UDP streaming tests in either WAN-LAN or LAN-WAN directions, and even with all the 2900G's DoS features enabled. This is sometimes a problem in NAT+SPI routers, but apparently not in this one.

Routing Performance Test Results

Test DescriptionTransfer Rate (Mbps)Response Time (msec)UDP stream
Throughput (kbps)Lost data (%)
WAN - LAN16.61 (avg)
1 (max)
LAN - WAN15.11 (avg)
1 (max)
Firmware Version2.5.2_rc3
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