Linksys Wireless-G / SRX Broadband Router

Summary of Test Results

We've covered a lot of ground, so I've pulled together the table below to bring it all together.

Summary of True MIMO Test Results
The PitchThe ResultComment
Speed vs. Range compared to standard 11gSuperior to any other technology that I've tested to date.
Interoperability with Belkin Pre-NNo problems. Belkin and Linksys both use same Airgo reference designs
Performance with mixed True MIMO / 11g STAs11g STAs suffer significantly reduced throughput for Broadcom-based STA tested.
Performance with mixed True MIMO / Super-G STAsSuper-G STAs throughput significantly reduced for uplink.
Better throughput for downlink, but still less than True MIMO STAs
Performance with mixed True MIMO / 11b STAsSimilar to Super-G case.
Significantly reduced 11b throughput for uplink, better for downlink
Improved performance when client used with 11g APsThroughput approximately doubles in some test locations.
Improved performance when AP used with 11g STAsThroughput approximately doubles in some test locations.
Key:  = Excellent         = Mixed results         = Poor

The thing I find curious about these results is that it says that True MIMO works best in a pure True MIMO WLAN (as one would expect), and next best in unmixed, but non-True MIMO WLANs. The mixed WLAN results are, well, mixed, which seems to force buyers into an interesting position if they are buying True MIMO gear to upgrade an existing WLAN.