Linksys Wireless-G / SRX Broadband Router

Setup and Administration

The GX sports the same user interface found in the current firmware for its other WRT54G-series routers. Since most of it is similar to what I described in my Linksys WRT54GS review, I'll cover mainly the differences here.

The GX comes set to as its factory default and with its built-in DHCP server enabled. Once you login, you'll get the main Setup screen shown in Figure 5. The only things not shown in the screenshot are an entry box for a second DNS and the time zone setting for the internal NTP auto-setting clock.

WRT54GX Setup screen

Figure 5: Setup screen
(click on image to enlarge)

The Internet Configuration Type selector automatically refreshes the browser screen to present settings appropriate to the choices of Automatic Configuration - DHCP (the default), Static IP, PPPoE, PPTP and Telstra BigPond.

Other Setup and Admin features are the same as the GS except that only is available as a dynamic DNS service choice on the DDNS tab and there's no HTTPS option for Remote Management, although you still can select the port used.

The interface is generally quick, with quick mini-reboots needed to get the changes you make on each page to take. Multiple admin logins are allowed, with no warning given when two or more admins log on. Once you're logged in, there's no idle timeout, and you just need to remember to quit your browser when you're done, because there's no logout button.