AirMagnet Surveyor reviewed

Closing Thoughts

Score another hit for AirMagnet. I don't do site surveys for a living, but Surveyor looks like it can take what must be a dreaded and tedious task and makes it quick and relatively painless to perform. So easy, I'd say, that even your boss could learn to run it in no time!

I guess AirMagnet has had some sensitivity to pleas to reduce the price of their excellent products, because at $1995, Surveyor is priced about 33% lower than their flagship AirMagnet Laptop product. AirMagnet said this pricing is an attempt to broaden the available market for Surveyor and you have to give them credit for trying.

But I think this pricing could still keep it beyond the reach of small businesses and installers. On the other hand, a good site survey probably costs much more than $2000, and that expense needs to be incurred for repeat surveys. So maybe $2K isn't a deal-breaker after all.

At any rate, if wireless LAN site surveys are a part of your regular routine, Surveyor deserves a place in your toolkit.

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