AirMagnet Surveyor reviewed


AirMagnet Surveyor

AirMagnet Surveyor
SummaryIntuitive, easy to use site survey tool with impressive graphic display back-end.
Pros• Easy to use
• Flexible and powerful graphic presentation of data
• Simulation mode provides limited 'what if' capabilities
Cons• Documentation lacks applications tips
• No tools or help for site map creation

One of the most tedious, but necessary, tasks required for a good wireless LAN installation is a site survey. Sure, you can guess where to locate your access points, or just adopt a put-one-every-n-feet/meters approach, but most environments have physical, RF and budgetary obstacles that necessitate a more analytical approach.

AirMagnet's new Surveyor tool is aimed at taking the pain out of wireless site surveys and, more importantly, converting all the gathered data into graphical representations that are nicely suited for human consumption.

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